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P6 to P7 parent letter 29 June 2020


Kindness matters


Every month in P6 we set ourselves a secret mission (Shh!). We have a little think about something that we could do a little better. So, since the beginning of October we have been thinking about how we can be kinder to each other and others throughout our school.


We decided it was important to let others know that when they do something nice that it is appreciated, no matter how small it may be!


So, we decided to create a WOW wall and WOW vouchers. This means the boys and girls have an opportunity each break and lunch time to nominate someone in the class that they have noticed doing something kind, helpful or even someone who is a great friend! Once the WOW voucher is complete, they stick it up on the wall, for everyone to read. The children have loved seeing that their small acts of kindness are valued!


This afternoon we took some time out of our busy schedule to sit and discuss each the compliments ALL pupils in the class received over the last month (there were LOTS!) and how we can continue to try hard to look after and support each other, all while enjoying a nice Friday treat.


New secret mission starts next week!



Multiplication Mash Up - A Fun Way to Learn Your Multiplication Facts!

A fun way to learn multiplication facts




P6 Tag Rugby

Welcome to our P6 Class Page,


We aim to update our page each term with new photographs but if you can't wait that long, please check out our VictoriaPS Facebook page.


Whilst P6 is an incredibly busy year, we ensure our P6 pupils have many opportunities to participate in fun and exciting programmes.


Each week some of the programmes we currently have in P6 are -


*Tag-Rugby coach (Tuesday mornings)

*Swimming (until Christmas)

*Football coach (Wednesday afternoons)

*STEAM Programme (Science, Technology, Art, Mathematics each Tuesday/Friday morning)


*Sports Ambassadors


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