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WAU for All P7 - Changes!

WAU for all of P7 for WC 11th January

Change - Life Cycles

Welcome to P7's Page!

We have a number of things we do regularly in P7 and this page will give you a little more detail on some of those things, as well as inform you about some of our special events.

The start of P7 has us all working extremely hard on a variety of curricular subjects, primarily Literacy and Numeracy. For some pupils their minds might be preparing for the AQE and for others, the focus will be continuing to build upon their existing knowledge and focusing their learning with view towards their end of year standardised assessments that their next school will be given, later in the year. Either way - it's all very busy!



Homework is given in P7 for a variety of reasons. Promoting independence and preparing for 'big school' is part of the thought process. We have a weekly routine;


Monday - Friday pupils are asked to complete reading (a book/text of their choice). We ask them to write a very short summary of this reading on entry to school the next morning (a sentence or two).

Monday - Thursday spellings are sent home for learning and mental arithmetic activities/ tables are also given.

Written homework on a Monday is spelling related. Tuesday and Thursday will be a numeracy activity relating to the focus in class and Wednesday is another English activity, building on their sentence and word skills.


We normally have a number of fun routines too... These are momentarily hindered due to PHA advice until further notice..


P7 pupils attend a swimming lesson on a weekly basis, starting after Christmas until the end of the year.


Castleward Christmas - We dress up and experience life as a Victorian for the day - a greatly enjoyed day trip.


Manchester is an option for P7 pupils and a trip that is enjoyed by those that go.


Our P7 Production is another widely enjoyed activity for any and all that want to be involved this year.

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