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Meet the Governors

Governors are responsible for ensuring the school provides a good quality education. They have a wide range of managerial responsibilities and, working in partnership with the Principal, these include:


  • Setting the aims and policies of the school in relation to the curriculum, pupil admissions, discipline, special educational needs and pastoral care.


  • Ensuring the statutory curriculum is taught and that pupils are assessed.


  • Recruiting staff.


  • Making decisions regarding the school budget.


  • Preparing information for parents, including an annual report on each child’s performance.


  • Promoting good relations between the school and the community.


  • Producing an Annual Report on the last year of school life.


Our Board is made up of the following people;


Principal and Honorary Secretary

Mrs Faithe Moffett


Transferor representatives

Rev Norman McAuley (Chairperson)

Dr Raymond Whiteford (Vice-Chairperson)

Mrs Pamela Magowan

Mrs Carol Thompson 


Education Authority representatives

Mr Paul McKenna

Ms Laura Calvin


Parent representatives

Mr Richard Kerr

Mrs Patricia McCullough 


Teacher representative

Mr Jeffrey Dodds

Please have a look at the Board of Governors' Annual Report for 2016/17!

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