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In Victoria Primary School, seek to provide a full, varied and interesting Physical Education curriculum which challenges, engages and excites staff and pupils alike. We see Physical Education as a vital part of the education experience as a whole. 


Physical Education develops pupils’ physical competence and confidence and their ability to use these to perform in a range of activities. It promotes skilfulness, physical development and knowledge of the body in action.


Physical Education provides opportunities for pupils to be creative, competitive, cooperative and face up to different challenges as individuals and in groups and teams. It promotes positive attitudes toward healthy and active lifestyles.

Pupils learn how to think in different ways to suit a wide variety of creative, competitive, cooperative and challenging activities. They learn how to plan, perform and evaluate actions, ideas and performances to improve their aptitudes, abilities, preferences and make choices about how to get involved in lifelong physical activity.


The importance of PE in the curriculum


PE develops pupil’s physical competence and confidence. It promotes physical skill, development and knowledge of the body and provides opportunities for children to be creative, competitive and to face challenges as individuals, in groups and in teams. It is also essential in promoting a positive attitude towards active and healthy lifestyles. Through PE pupils learn how to plan, perform and evaluate their work, enabling them to improve their quality and effectiveness. Through this process, they discover their aptitude, abilities and preferences and how to make choices about getting involved in lifelong physical activity. 


Miss Dorrian

P.E Co-ordinator



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