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Who's Who

Our teaching staff are as follows:


Mrs F Moffett - Principal

Mr D McCoy - Vice Principal


Senior Leadership Team


Mrs F Moffett (Principal)

Mr D McCoy (Vice- Principal)

Mrs R Martindale (Head of Foundation Stage and Key Stage One)

Mr N Martin (head of Key Stage Two)

Mrs K Campbell (Learning Support Co-ordinator)


Foundation Stage

Primary 1                                             Primary 2 

Mrs R Martindale (Year Group Leader)                       Mrs K Campbell  (Year Group Leader)

Mrs M Hamilton                                                          Mrs C Stewart




Key Stage 1

Primary 3                                           Primary 4 

Mrs C Dempster (Year Group Leader) &                    Mrs N Reid (Year Group Leader) (Miss R Fleming maternity cover)

Mrs A Harrison (jobshare)                                        Miss E Dorrian

Mrs J Kingsmill  (Miss E Benson maternity cover)            Mr M Milliken




Key Stage 2

Primary 5                                           Primary 6

Mr R Griffith (Year Group Leader)                   Mrs M Reid (Year Group Leader)    

Mr R Johnston                                                          Miss L Jellie                         

Mrs J Gibson & Mrs C McGimpsey (jobshare)                                       



Primary 7                                             

Mr N Martin (Year Group Leader)                           

Miss G Marcus                                                   

Mrs J Carlile                       



Learning Support Co-ordinator

Mrs K Campbell  

Learning Support Teacher

Mrs R Straney                                                     



Non- Teaching Staff


Building Supervisor

Mr G Heaney


Senior Exectutive Officer

Mrs L Mitchell


Senior Clerical Officer

Mrs J Patton


Classroom Assistants

Mrs G Taylor

Mrs I Beggs

Mrs J Chambers

Mrs L McMeekan

Mrs T Nixon


Special Educational Needs Classroom Assistants

Mrs L Campbell

Miss K McKee

Mrs A Begum

Mrs S Watton

Miss V Stewart

Miss K Campbell

Miss J Adair

Mrs L Pue

Miss K Kennedy

Miss H Mulholland

Mrs L Pedlow

Ms S Black

Mrs N Cameron

Miss E Poots

Mrs C Kennedy

Miss C Willis

Miss S McMeekan

Mrs K Shields

Mrs D Sinton


Cleaning Staff

Mrs K Wilson

Mrs E Paegle

Mrs A Neill

Miss L Millen



Senior Lunch-time supervisor

Mrs C Frew


Lunch time supervisors

Mrs A Robinson

Mrs A Brown

Miss N Baird

Mrs H Quayle

Miss L Millen

Mrs D Sinton

Miss A Musina


Crossing Patrol

Mrs K Shields

Mrs A Robinson



School Counsellor

Mrs E McDonnell

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