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In Victoria Primary School we endeavour to protect and educate pupils and staff in the use of their technology.
As a parent or carer, you can access more information to help you navigate an ever-growing digital world:

Safer Schools NI: As a parent and carer, your Safer Schools NI App will help you to navigate the digital world that your children and young people live in every day. It will help by giving you the tools to protect the children and young people in your care online.

Here is some important information on the use of various apps:

How Old Do Children Have to Be to Use These Apps?

•    Facebook = 13
•    WhatsApp = 16
•    Snapchat = 13
•    TikTok = 13 ( Recommended 16 )
•    Instagram = 13 ( Recommended 15 )
•    YouTube = 18 ( Allowed 13+ with Parental Supervision )
•    Tumblr = 13


Many parents are unaware of the sort of content that can easily be accessed via these apps or that they are often used as instant message platforms where users can easily be contacted by strangers and used to share inappropriate content.

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