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Dear Parents and Guardians,

In this unprecedented time I have compiled some further information regarding school provision for Key Workers. The statement by the First Minister regarding ONE KEY ADULT in a family is guidance and NOT statutory, dependent on numbers schools will apply the TWO KEY ADULT directive.

Social distancing will mean children will have to be kept 2m apart at desks in classrooms, thus limiting the number of children we can accommodate dependent on the staff we have available - many staff are already self isolating following medical advice. Please know, that staff will also need to be 2m from every child in order to keep themselves and their families safe from infection. You will know that this will be incredibly difficult in this situation.


If the ratio of staff to pupils decreases, a call will be made to close the school and parents will be informed immediately. If the Principal and Vice Principal are unable to be in school, a call will be made to close the school and parents will be informed immediately.


As the Law states, children of 14 and older are legally allowed to babysit younger siblings, if this applies to you please avail of this option.


I am writing this post as I want you to realise how difficult this situation is, and to only request a place if ALL other options have been exhausted. I have every respect for our front line services, and the job they do in so very difficult situations, but I also have a duty of care to my staff, who I feel are also front line workers. As inevitably numbers of staff available dwindle, new arrangements will have to be put in place.

Staff are continuing to be asked to come into school without adequate protective equipment, the least we could expect, but no provision has been made by the authorities as yet. This concerns me greatly. Many of our applications have come from families who are not blue light or hospital staff - I would implore you, in the interests of our school community and beyond, to enquire about working from home, swapping shifts with colleagues who do not have child care issues etc - I will repeat, the safest place for your child is at home, and schools should be your last option when everything else is exhausted.


I hope you understand that I have a responsibility to make sure you know the situation for all involved. 

With kind regards and a prayer for everyone's safe keeping,

Mrs Moffett

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