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Sorry for yet another long post...!

We have been trying to keep a calm and measured approach to the current situation. We have a duty of care for all pupils and the wider school community and so are trying to stay open as long as we can manage, as per guidance and also to allow parents to get the necessary measures in place for their families.

For any child who is off this week, we have bundled up work they have missed and it is available to collect from the school foyer. ...

As soon as we are informed that we need to close, we will send out work packs. These will come with cover guidance as to how to complete them and will initially be sent out in 2 week blocks. Hopefully it will all be clear when you read it and will keep your children busy!

I have also asked staff to ensure that all books and belongings will be sent home at that stage. If we are back by the end of the year then we can ask for some items to come back in. I think it's better to be thinking long term and then be delighted if that is not the case.

We will keep parents posted via texts and Facebook. Keep checking the year group page on the website also.

As you can imagine, our phone calls and emails have been plentiful! Please try and keep these lines of contact clear for emergencies.

We have been working with limited staff for a few days as many have caring responsibilites and medical conditions of their own.

On behalf of myself and our staff I would like to thank you for your unwavering support and understanding throughout this very difficult time. Thank you for all your comments, likes and messages of support - chocolate and coffee are our weapons of choice this week!

We do not know what lies ahead but what we do know is that Victoria has shown itself to be a family that has rallied round in times of need to support one another - I’m privileged to lead such a great school.

Faithe Moffett

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