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Physical Education is the education of the ‘whole child’ in skill (psychomotor), understanding (cognitive) and behaviour (affective), through physical activity.


In Victoria Primary School we believe that Physical Education is essential to the development of the whole child.


It provides a strong foundation for a healthy lifestyle, promotes self-esteem and fosters good behaviour. Through active participation, it also allows children to develop their understanding of co-operation, fairness and respect for others.




Through our use of a wide range of teaching strategies, we aim to deliver a broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated P.E. curriculum relating to the Northern Ireland Curriculum. We aim to provide our pupils with a fun, enjoyable, secure and stimulating learning environment which will meet the needs of each individual child.


At Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, pupils will develop their knowledge, understanding and skills in four activity areas:

  • Games
  • Dance
  • Gymnastics
  • Athletics


In Key Stage 2, pupils will participate in the same four activity areas with Swimming introduced as a fifth activity area.


Where possible P.E. will contribute to and enhance other areas of learning, e.g. Language and Literacy (listen to, describe and evaluate movements), Mathematics and Numeracy (use number, distance, time to improve quality of movements), The Arts (respond to Music, Art and Design and move creatively), The World Around Us (investigate how the body works), PDMU (working with and respecting others). 


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